"We Were Always Dating"

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Caroline|15| New York
Loving the best T.V Shows out there:
Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Awkward, The Vampire Diaries, & The Walking Dead.
Living life as a Yankee fan -Mark Teixeira is the man -
Met Mark Teixeira 6-30-12
Met Lea Michele 3-5-14
~R.I.P Cory Allan Michael Monteith~
"Love is how you stay alive even after you are gone" ~Cory Monteith
Twitter: @lovmarkteixeira
Instagram: @_carolinegalindo



my brother once accidentally locked himself in a dog cage and starting snapchatting photos for help till my mum and dad had to drive over and free him

did I fail to mention my brother is a 25 year old man

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and you’re just there like:


/forever unattractive

It is ok, this will be you in 5 years

image  image 

most uplifting thing ever :)

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